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Strip Scribbles: ‘X Rocks’ at the Rio

Las Vegas Sun - 9/24/13

Angela and Matt Stabile, producers of topless-dance shows, have now opened their third Las Vegas production. Following the success of “X Burlesque” at the Flamingo and “Raack ’n’ Roll” at the D downtown comes the edgy and theatrical “X Rocks” at the Rio.

XRocks stays true to a traditional revue

USA Today - 9/13

XRocks stays true to a traditional revue, letting the costumes, props and visuals add flare to a rock soundtrack. A flaming guitar, strobes and backlight paint accent the dance numbers, and you’ll find this show moves as quickly as the beats. The costumes are top-notch and the choreography is tight.

New Topless Revue Is Topped Off by Imagination and Style

Vegas Seven - 10/2/13

X marks the breasts. Now it gets its Rocks off, too.

Another topless mammary entry isn’t news, merely the next chapter in our endless skin epic, Moby Dick Bait.

Yet the Rio’s new X Rocks, from the erotic stable of the Stabiles (producers Angela and Matt), adds wit to the tits, a push-up-bra improvement over their last endeavor, The D’s revival of relatively flat-chested (creatively speaking) Raack N Roll.

X ROCKS debuts at Rio

Las Vegas Informer - 10/4/13

X ROCKS in the King’s Room at the Rio is the newest topless review for Las Vegas. Produced by the husband- wife team, of Matt and Angela Stabile, they have come up with another sure winner. Always clever and imaginative, the show is full of great music by Muse, Metallica, The Beatles, and Alice in Chains. Cast with gorgeous women, these five lovely ladies, and hilarious comedian John Bizarre, (yes, that is his name), will thrill you.

Plenty to look at during X Rocks

Las Vegas Review Journal - 9/26/13

I’m not sure how to feel about this: There is so much going on in “X Rocks,” I would forget from time to time that I was looking at topless women.

I hear you if you say you showed up for a sexy topless show, not a bad acid trip. When a very grown-up “Alice in Wonderland” (Emilie Condamine) goes down the rabbit hole with a hypnotic graphic spiral on the rear screen and a woozy blast of subwoofer, one person’s buzz is another’s buzzkill.

“X Rocks” Opens at Rio, Delivers One of the Best Topless Shows in Las Vegas

Vital Vegas - 9/13

There are some shows in Las Vegas that just work. They keep it simple, and deliver what they promise. The recently-opened “X Rocks” topless revue at Rio Las Vegas delivers, bigtime.

Sexy ‘X Rocks’ is still rockin’ at the Rio one year later

Las Vegas Sun - 10/9/14

It’s like opening a tiny jewel box, peeling back the delicate wrapping, and then, suddenly, an explosion of deafening rock music and energetic dance moves.

It would be exhausting if not for the gorgeous girls of “X Rocks,” and when they celebrated their first anniversary at the Rio, they were proof that sexy topless revues are alive and here to stay in Las Vegas.

X Rocks R18 Topless Review Rio All Suite Casino Las Vegas

Celebrity Radio - 9/13

X  Rocks is the loud, sexy, beautifully produced 10pm R18 show at Rio Casino Las Vegas! The stimulating, high-voltage Las Vegas show combines sensual dance routines and pulsating rock hits.