• To Whom It May Concern: Matt brings many intangibles to the table when he takes on a film or video production. In addition to having a professional expertise second to none, he maintains complete control of his responsibilities. Matt gets involved creatively from the beginning of a project and continues to give important input throughout the process. Ultimately, the final product reflects much of his remarkable vision. I can say without question that every production I have worked on with Matt Stabile has been substantially improved by virtue of his contributions to it. Matt Stabile is an awesome director.
    Quillin & Co.
  • To Whom It May Concern: I have had the pleasure of being with, and knowing, many vital and terrific people in my 60+ years, and this letter regarding Matt and Mark Stabile, of Stabile Productions Inc., is an easy one to write.. because they are exceptional young men. Matt and Mark’s character is above reproach, they are honest, loyal, bright and hard working. When you have a production company that is highly professional and very creative.. you have the best.. and Stabile Productions Inc. is in that league. In my dealings with Stabile Productions Inc. I have found them to be most capable, extremely and trustworthy.
    Jerry Lewis Productions
  • Dear Matt, I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed working with you and Mark over these past six years. you’ve been a huge help to me on some of the toughest assignments I’ve had. On industrial videos for Howard Hughes, your run-and-gun abilities made it possible to get gorgeous architectual shots under the tightest of deadlines.  
    Advertising & Public Relations